Frequently Asked Questions

Clients coming to ARCA may have a number of questions. Here is a list of common questions. If you have any additional questions regarding any aspect of the ARCA experience, please call us at 877-615-2722.

May I smoke at ARCA?

Yes, there are designated smoking areas.

How much clothes may I bring to ARCA?

You may bring the equivalent of two carry-on bags.

What kind of clothes should I bring?

In most cases, casual dress is fine. A detailed list is available on the “What You Can Bring” page.

Will I be able to use the phone?

Yes, there are phones available for use during free periods.

Will I be able to write letters?

Yes, bring postage, and envelopes.

Should I bring money with me?

Yes, bring a small amount of money for vending machines, sodas, etc.

May I bring my own snacks?

No. No outside food or beverages are allowed.

May I have visitors?

In order for clients to stay focused on their treatment, visitation is currently not allowed at ARCA.

Is there treatment available for my family as well?

Yes. Your loved one will be given the opportunity to invite up to 2 family members to ARCA’s family program. This group meets on Tuesday evenings from 6:00pm to 8:00pm. NO DROP OFFS ARE ALLOWED during this time. This is NOT visitation. This is multifamily group session where you will learn about the disease of addiction and what you can do to take care of yourself and be of support to your loved one on their recovery path.

DROP OFF OF PERSONAL ITEMS: Due to Covid-19, no drop off of personal items are allowed at this time. 
You may mail items to ARCA in care of the client’s name. Our address is: 1931 Union Cross Road Winston-Salem NC 27107