Program Information

Meeting RoomARCA’s addiction recovery program is based in person centered philosophy and current best practice, evidenced based approaches. The ARCA program consists of a series of therapeutic activities which include psycho-educational groups on topics appropriate to personal recovery, group and individual therapy, and opportunity for clients and family to participate in a multi-family group experience. Clients are encouraged to experience and participate in 12 step self-help groups as well as other natural support groups.


ARCA’s staff is comprised of physicians, family nurse practitioners, nurses and nursing assistants who provide skilled 24-hour care, at admission, client detoxification needs are assessed and monitored to ensure a safe withdrawal process. Detox is an individualized process, but on average takes about 3-5 days. ARCA’s services include medication management and administration, 24-hour observation, medical history, physicals and aftercare referrals following discharge.

Detoxification is available from withdrawal from:

  • Alcohol
  • Benzodiazepines and other sedatives
  • Heroin, Oxycodone (Oxy) and other opioids –Special consideration is given to IV drug users.

Treatment Services

ARCA provides comprehensive assessment of individual needs and treatment planning through a multi-disciplinary team approach. The treatment program is a variable length program starting at 14 days.

Services offered in the residential treatment program at ARCA include:

  • Introduction and application of the Twelve-Step Philosophy and recovery support groups.
  • Individual therapy, psycho-education and psychotherapeutic classes to increase knowledge
    of substance abuse and medications.
  • Group therapy
  • Community guest lectures
  • Weekly multi-family therapy
  • Weekly family education group and introduction of Al-Anon principles
  • Bilingual counselors for Spanish-speaking clients

ARCA’s care coordinators assist clients with placement and follow up appointments prior to discharge. Staff also can facilitate referrals to Veterans’ Administration programs.

Family Services

Families at ARCAAs part of its core mission and programming, ARCA embraces a holistic approach to addiction recovery, including working closely with clients’ families. ARCA provides weekly multiple-family group therapy and a weekly family education group, ARCA’s family services program also offers an introduction to Al-Anon principles and community support groups conducted by Al-Anon.

When recovering clients walk out the doors of ARCA, we don’t simply say, “good bye and good luck.” Quite the opposite is true. ARCA’s time-proven approach calls for ongoing recovery programs, including referral and continuing opportunities for family therapy following clients’ completion of treatment stay.