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What we today know as ARCA began as a shelter for homeless alcoholic men in the mid 1960’s under the name Alcoholism Residential Care Association. ARCA was then located and operated out of the former Calvary Baptist Church building in downtown Winston Salem.

ARCA was incorporated on November 25th, 1969 in the State of North Carolina as Alcoholism Residential Care Authority, Inc. In 1972 the United States government offered Forsyth County the USAF 810th Radar Squadron Facility, built in 1955 and known locally as the Winston Salem Radar Station at Union Cross Road. It was officially deeded to Forsyth County 1975, and later Forsyth County allowed ARCA to use it as facility for providing residential and detox services.

Undergoing many changes in the late 1970’s ARCA started to serve women with alcoholism and in early 1980’s started to admit people who also had issues with other drugs. In 1990 the Division of Mental health and Developmental Disabilities and Substance Abuse Services MH/DD/SA approved ARCA to accept clients who were experiencing co-occurring disorders and in need of psychotropic medications. Changes in services and in populations served precipitated a need to change the name to its current form, Addiction Recovery Care Association on October 23, 1990.

ARCA now operates at 5755 Shattalon Dr. Winston Salem, North Carolina 27105.

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